Setting up. Service. Tearing down.
We can take care of it all.

View our staffing standards below to gauge approximately how many team members you will require for your event to be executed seamlessly. Every event is slightly different, so do get in touch with all of your event details for a customized quote. 





Lead Server or Bartender min. 1 min. 1
Server 1 per 35 guests 1 per 20 guests

Beer, Wine, Standard Mixed Drinks

1 per 50 guests

Beer + Wine only

1 per 70 guests

Head Chef 1 per 100 guests, plus support team 1 per 100 guests, plus support team
Dishwasher Event dependent
Event dependent

 All members of our team have their applicable Serving It Right and/or Food Safe certifications.

They provide their own transportation, uniform and basic tools.

Terms of service apply, contact us for your customized quote detailing service charges, gratuity and taxes.