Here's where things get a little more personal, and I even drop the f* bomb. 
Fair warning!
If you'd like to maintain your visions of me as the professional lady I swear I am, but f* bombs offend you, maybe it's time to go back and forget you ever came to this page of the website.


Before we dive in, we have to tackle the word 'wedding' - sometimes it turns people off - you might prefer 'celebration of love' etc. To be real, most wedding tv shows and websites make me want to poke my eyes out. Know that when I say 'wedding', that I really mean CELEBRATING YOUR LOVE HOWEVER YOU DAMN WELL PLEASE.

So hi - pleased to meet you. I'm Miranda. I have loads of passionate feelings such as the ones above, and the experience to back it up. I've been a part of my fair share of weddings: so far, close to 200! In addition to putting my planning skills to work for lovebirds like yourselves, I organize our teams here at Salty Hospitality, often appearing at events as the Lead, or helping Chef in the kitchen. I also help design and direct five bespoke, organic weddings at Bullock Lake Farm every year, as the Wedding Director. Through these connections, I've been asked many times if I 'plan weddings'. And I do, but not in the traditional sense.

I help couples come up with a really cool day that they want to mark as the day they committed to each other for the rest of their lives. That has personal touches out the ying yang, and where local organic food and beverage are incorporated in a stunning way. Working together to create some magic that is personal and unique to them, is why I do what I do.

The services I offer on Salty and the surrounding Southern Gulf Islands include: 

   Complete Wedding Planning + Execution Package (starting at $4,000)
   or for the more hands-on couple: Wedding Support + Execution Package (starting at $2,900)
   don't need support but want my help with contacts, solutions and advice? DIAL-A-PLANNER: hourly calls (starting at $90/hr)
   Elopements. Fuck. Yeah. (*inquire about the customizable Salt Spring elopement escape packages I designed!)
   and, I especially do LGBTQ2SIA+ weddings. Get in touch!


Commitment ceremony and brunch? I'm in.
Super private, intimate elopement in the forest followed by an extra special picnic and barefoot dance on the beach?
Yes, yes, yes.

My first gig in the industry was a placement during high school at a venue in my hometown. I was 15. In just few years I rose to being an Event Coordinator at that same venue, being apart of more than 100 weddings in my time there and often executing 2 (or 3!!!) weddings at the exact same time. Ridic, I know. 

Then, I did what all young kids from the suburbs usually do: I moved to the big city in favour of the bright lights and The Village (Toronto). There I worked for a social enterprise, planning and executing events across North America. It was through this job that I first traveled to the West Coast and realized Ontario was where my soul was slowly dying (dramatic, yes, but true).

Fast forward a bit, through a plethora of jobs in food and beverage, more weddings, and even time spent as a carpenter (I'm all about that bag of tricks) and I've found myself on Salt Spring Island. Totally enamoured with the quiet life on this beautiful island, busy building my life with my little family here. Salt Spring was always meant to be my home, I feel it. 

Here, I'm so lucky to get to plan and be apart of dreamy AF weddings that don't sacrifice ethics or values. That aren't marred with tacky dollar store vases and fake rose petals (no offence to our mothers, but no). 

Salt Spring, with all its beauty and magic, also poses tonnes of design and planning challenges (being a rural island and all). But I'm here for it! And here for you. Working together will mean less time spent planning your wedding but a greater impact with the hours that you do. It also means dollars saved - this is a HUGE one; bringing things from off-island can either be cost saving, or cost draining. Knowing what route to take can make all the difference... you're working hard to afford the wedding you've dreamed of and having on-island advice is going to save financial resources big time. Enter, me.

Aaaaand that's quite enough to give you an idea of my style and my value! I'll wrap it up with:

The environment, supporting locally made and grown, and celebrating diversity in an often heteronormative industry are three of my biggest motivators to offering my planning expertise on Salty. 

I have the local connections, you know what you love. Together we can make your dreamy day happen.

To couples who identify as LGBTQ2SIA+ and/or as belonging to the BIPOC community: if you could benefit from sliding scale pricing for my planning services, please don't hesitate to inquire and I will send you the information.