We are an island of hospitable and welcoming people, that are passionate about local food and beverage. It is our mission to connect our teams of hospitality professionals with like-minded event organizers that value knowing they have a reliable, experienced team booked.

Be it a wedding, party, celebration or function, we make sure service goes off without a hitch, so that you can enjoy the event you have spent months planning.

A letter from our owners

Owners Miranda + Deborah, Ganges Harbour


Dear friends,

We believe hospitality is defined by its warmth and generosity here on Salt Spring - or as the locals call it, our beloved 'Salty'.

Salty Hospitality was born from the notion that on Salty, our hospitality is a little bit different: it's comfier here. More personal. Relaxed, and inviting. Salt Springers are nothing else if not ourselves and it shines through in our personable, approachable way of taking care of our guests.

For folks planning events from off-island, it can be a hair-pulling experience piecing together a reliable team for their one-time event. We've heard stories from clients ranging from searching endlessly via word of mouth, to pulling up seats at local restaurants just to poach potential staff.

That's not quite the experience, nor the first impression, we envision for those of you who are looking to hire the islands hospitality professionals. There simply had to be a better way.

Creating Salty Hospitality together and with our local networks was a no-brainer for us. Having worked in the industry on Salty, we were already connected to the islands best talent, and have almost two decades of food and beverage experience between the two of us. Plus, Miranda just loves to take a problem and find the best, most efficient solution...

With Salty Hospitality, we are now thrilled to offer customized teams to suit any event, all of which are made up of local islanders passionate about showing you and your guests a truly great time - and just how welcoming Salt Spring is.
There really is no place else like Salty, is there?

From our family to yours, we're so happy to be a part of your lives most special events. Thanks for having us.

-Miranda + Deborah 
(and Eddie)