Add-on: kids PALETAS (fruity and creamy)

Add-on: kids PALETAS (fruity and creamy)

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by Maverick's Frozen Treats

What is a paleta?
In Mexico, it's our name for 'popsicles' - but they pack a bigger punch as they are made from fresh, natural ingredients and fruits. So they're like 'popsicles' - but way better. 

Seasonally inspired, made with locally sourced organic ingredients wherever possible, it was a no brainer to offer these delicious frozen treats alongside our taco kits! Danny, Chef at Maverick's, uses a paleta machine from Mexico to achieve the nostalgic shape of the paleta and we love how he combines that with what is grown here.

These paletas are SEASONAL WILD CARDS so it's Chef's choice every week what to send to you.


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