A case for 'Bach Parties'

Hear me out: I know we're all done with typical Bachelor/Bachelorette parties. Here's a shot at redefining them and a chance to rename them too, along the way.

I'm getting married to my gorgeous fiancé in 2021. We're starting to plan for all the events leading up to the wedding. Something that came up as we were going through the list of 'traditional' ones was, "babe, are we going to have a Bachelorette? Wait - do we have to have two Bachelorettes?". Stereotypical visions of Bachelorettes flashed across our eyes, and we recoiled. But I didn't want to scrap it all together - I still kinda longed for something to replace it.

"So," I said to her, "what if we framed it differently? Picture... an adventure with our closest friends before we tie the knot, that has that extra celebratory sparkle in the air?" Now, THAT was a party we could get on board with. 

The name had to be changed though, because first of all I'm not one for gendering anything. And second of all, we needed to put a little distance between what we dreamed of and the connotations Bachelorette brought with it. 

The Bach Party* was born.

*Pronunciation TBD. Accepting suggestions.

We've decided to plan a Bach Party to span a few nights once our closest pals have landed in Puerto Vallarta prior to our wedding weekend. 

Being a Wedding Panner myself on Salt Spring Island, I thought I'd share the `Rules to Remember´ if you'd like to plan a Bach Party of your own.

I leave you with the Bach Party Rules:

#1 do what you want
#2 both of you can be there
#3 because I literally just said you can do what you want

Have fun planning x